Continuous Circulating System

Minimum requirement of continuous circulating system pump is unrelated with the discharge of process flow changes in system. After setting of minimum flow, through orifice plate directly backflow to storage tank. Although continuous minimum flow circulation can protect pump very good, but pump must provide greater power output to ensure system process flow plus receive flow, which causing additional energy waste.


Control Circulatory System

Control circulatory system is assembly by the check valve, flow gauge, minimum flow control valve, control circulation system, control circulation system can provide minimum flow protection, when process flow is greater than minimum flow of pump, and loop closed, no extra energy loss. But system is complex, control components, purchase, installation maintenance cost is higher.


Automatic Recirculation Valve

Automatic recirculation valve set check valve, flow perception, bypass control valve, multi-stage step-down in one, do not need power, control system and wiring, essential safety. Taking up small space reducing the possibility of high-speed fluid to malfunction to minimum with lower installation and maintenance cost, It is the priority pump protection way of modern industrial process.