Vacuum Breaker

For critical applications where vacuum protection is a must or where column separation is predicated, a vacuum breaker is used. The Vacuum Breaker is mounted at critical pipeline high points, penstocks, or tanks and allows for rapid inflow of atmospheric air to reduce vacuum conditions in piping systems.



 1/2″ – 42″
 400 psig (2760 kPa)
 ASTM A126 Class B cast iron for Class 125 and Class 250 valves
Benefits and features

The valve design shall incorporate a center guided, spring loaded disc, guided at opposite ends and having a short linear stroke that generates a flow area equal to the pipe size

  • Full flow areas provide aximum vacuum protection for pipelines and tanks
  • Resilient seals provide drop tight seating
  • Connections for optional air release valve – to vent entrained air
  • Available with optional inflow preventer
  • Available with optional screened hood

Air Release Wastewater

Air Release Wastewater
Air/Vacuum Clean Water Valves
Air/Vacuum Clean Water Valves
Air/Vacuum Wastewater Valves
Air/Vacuum Wastewater Valves